Getting The Diploma and Now What…

When coming into college, I had wanted to leave home so that I could experience the other side of the east coast. New York is known for great fashion houses in America and it is home to some of the greatest fashion schools. Fast-forward four years and I am now into my last semester of senior year and wanting to move back home to Los Angeles. Now you may be wondering, why would I do this? The main answer is that I don’t have a job, no money, and I don’t like being this far from my family at this point in my life. I am not saying that I would never move back to New York and actually live in the city that time, but I think for this point in my life, what is best for me is to move back home, find a job over there and get my finances in order.

  1. Moving Back Home

Now this is something no one ever really wants to do after college. I have just experienced four years of freedom and now I am moving back into my childhood room and will have to follow some of my parents rules again for free rent. Now I am not saying this is a long-term situation I want to be home at most for a year or less. I am staying there until I can mainly have enough money saved up for a studio apartment in Los Angeles on my own. Another reason for moving back home at this point in my life is that I have a dog. It was great to have her my senior year of college, but now that I am going to have to work some for of an 8 hour shift 5-6 days of week, having a dog on my own is not ideal and very expensive. By moving back home, I get the opportunity to have my mom be the free dog sitter.

I know that this is a new concept in recent years or even option for college students to do after college. But I would really think about it in regards your own life. Think about your goals for the next couple of years and what is of high priority for you. If part of that is to start saving up money and then find an apartment, then staying home for a bit shouldn’t be the worst thing ever, especially if you know it is not permanent.

  1. Finances

Another part that goes back to my last point made is that I need some finances. Unfortunately, within college, I didn’t have the opportunity to save up money. Now I am not saying that I didn’t have part time jobs, but most of that money went toward insurance, cable bills, and school projects. I do hope that within the next couple of months I find a full time position, but if that doesn’t happen I am not going to look past other job options, aka babysitting, bartending, etc. Yes I will be getting the College Diploma, but if I don’t have a job to support that diploma, I need to think of other options to get by on while I look for more permanent position.

In addition to trying to save up money, I am also going to be getting rid of my car and switching to public transportation, zip cars, and uber drivers. Yes; I know this is a very strange idea to do in Los Angeles, the city where it seems like everyone needs a car, but given that insurance and gas prices in Los Angeles, this is a little bit over my budget limit, I am going to try to work it out for the next few years. With this idea in mind, while I search for a studio apartment, I will try to keep in mind how walk able the neighborhood is and where my job is located from there.

  1. Finding a Job

Finding a job right out of college is harder in some majors than it is in others. So if there are any young ones just about to start college or are in there 1st couple of years of college, if you want a job right out of college that pays well, then pick a major that allows that such as business, finance, etc. Art and Design majors are tougher when it comes to that. There are specific hiring seasons, and there is not always as much turnover in design companies given that they can be smaller in scale. So as my employment seminar teacher tells my class, if you don’t have a position that relates back to your major right out of college, still try to do something that relates back to the field that you want to be in so that you can say on interviews that you have still worked on being relevant and up to date in some way. This could mean taking single courses, creating a blog on the topic you are interested in, or even just finding positions that are somewhat related to what you are interested in, i.e. Fashion Design or Merchandising à retail position for a company that you possibly want to work for on the corporate side later in life.

I hope that this post helps some people out, or at least get to know my situation and me better. These topics will be going into more depth later in the progression of this blog and as I figure out these topics myself. There are all things that we must consider as we try to become an adult.


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