May Inspirations

975626137f72d0cc2073c6b55586f9bc(From Pinterest)

736c2224106d5e4a1144cfea70526f54(from Pinterest)

tumblr_nn84pxrleQ1qbzje9o1_540(Preview of my Senior Thesis Collection)

tumblr_nd6dm0zAiu1tu84jjo1_1280(From Tumblr)

Hello Everyone,

So its a new month, the weather is getting warmer and I am just getting even more excited about graduating in  19 days. The first and last photo are some items that are going to be inspiring my wardrobe for this month and summer in general. I am starting to get back into doing my nails and am still loving nail art and would love to play around with this. The third photo is a photo from my look book of my senior thesis collection. I have finished and just presented yesterday and cannot wait to see my whole collection walk down the runway next week at my school’s fashion show. Things are really coming to an end with school and it is starting to make me excited for the next few months to come.


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