June Inspirations



(Personal Photo)



I can’t believe it is June already. This is the first month that I don’t have to worry about school at all and at the moment I am enjoying that. I am still on vacation at the moment, but I thought I would show you some things that have been inspiring and will be inspiring me for the month of June.  I had recently watched a youtube video by Shay Mitchell on her trip to Morocco. I was very inspired from it that I don’t only want to travel there on day, but I would also like to incorporate some of the interior designs of Morocco into my future apartment whenever that may be. Next I have finally bought some overalls. I am absolutely in love with them and can’t wait to wear them all summer. I am even thinking of buying a pant form of them so that they can just be in rotation. lol. Next I put geometric nail art. I have loved nail art, but can think of them as fussy sometimes. This is why I am loving simplistic, geometric nail art that even allows for my natural nail color to be apart of the design. Lastly, I have started to get back into shape.This summer is the summer that I become the best version of my self health wise. I have been going to the gym a few times over this vacation and have been more active which I am loving. I can’t wait to get back home so that I can create a gym/workout routine and starting really getting into exercising.


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