Project De-Clutter

In this day in age, we have slightly been brainwashed by the media and companies that more is better. Reflecting on how it was for me to move back home and moving back into my old room, I am starting to realize that more is NOT better.  I feel cluttered and feel like my mind cannot fully think properly. I am all over the place internally speaking. I can’t start the projects I really want to work on because I have no where to work on them and I can’t move past the moving in process. So what I will be doing over the next couple of months and hopefully it will stick with me for the long rung is to become a more minimalistic/simplistic person.

Now as a creative person, this  a little bit hard for me. I am already slightly hoarder in my actions and I usually have the feeling that if I get rid of something I will need it right after its gone. But then when I keep it, I don’t touch it for months or more. To becoming the “Adult” that I want to become, it means that I need less stuff. I want to be able to pick-up and go anywhere if needed, and at the moment that is not a possibility.

So to start of this series, I will show you some pictures of what I am working with. Keep in mind, I do have clothes on the floor because I am starting with my closet, which I think to understand is my worst problem. I need to stop having fluff in my closet, things I only wear in a blue moon and and only have things that I will wear often and versatile. I need to create the wardrobe that I always wanted rather than a wardrobe that I just ended up having.





In addition, I have included some home/closet photos of what is my dream/goal.

(all photos are from Pinterest)


2 thoughts on “Project De-Clutter

  1. lindseeanne1 says:

    I totally understand this problem! It seems like no matter how many clothing items I get rid of, my closet it still stuffed! Good luck on the decluttering, though. Just don’t give up!


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