July Inspiration

Hello Everyone,

I can’t believe its already July. What has started of this month for me and I can’t wait to start are some projects. I am really liking bralettes and cannot wait to make some D.I.Y.’s and possibly I will create a post about making them. In addition, I am trying to start up an Etsy store and so I am very excited about that whole process. I have slightly missed designing collections so I hit Pinterest for some inspiration and moon phases have inspired me. In addition, it was an idea my sister and I had for a tattoo, which I still want to get with her in the future. In addition to working on my etsy store, which will be Bags and Knitwear, I am excited about knitting again. It really is something that I truly enjoy doing, not matter the season. Lastly, I have been working out about 5x week this month and working on the weight training, which has made me a happier person and I think it helps with my focus for the rest of the day.  I will be back with you later with another post. Hope you all have an inspiring month.

(Photos are from Pinterest and Tumblr)


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