1st Week of My New Job

Hello everyone,

As you have probably seen from my last week’s video vlog, I have a job. I am very excited about it can’t wait to see what this new journey brings. I though I would do a writing journal about my 1st week given that I don’t want to forget about writing.

Day 1 was a long day but it was great. I had started the day off by waking up at 4:30am to go to the gym before work with my Dad. It was great that I was able to get the exercise in because I would not have been able after. Later I had him drop me off at the bus and arrived at work by 9am. I had ended up getting there before mostly everyone which allowed me to settle in a bit and then I just started the day. I am very happy that my fellow designers are great. They seem really fun and I think we will get along well. I was kept busy all day which I loved slowly getting the hang of everything. I even ended up staying a bit late, aka 6:15pm. It wasn’t something I was planning on doing, but I was caught up on the work and the only reason I did leave when I did was because I needed to catch the buses home and also the building was closing down. Commuting home wasn’t that bad. I did have to wait for my dad to pick me up from the subway station because the bus that does go up to my home stops running after 7:30pm and I had missed it by then.

The one thing that I think is going to be tough is that because I am spending so much time commuting, I won’t get to spend as much time at home awake with Coco, which I feel bad about. I am happy though that my mom is able to look after her. I do know though that I am going to have to start paying for daycare when we move out which is going to be a pretty penny. Im in bed at 9pm, trying to make sure I get enough sleep so I don’t go mad. I can’t wait to see with the next couple of days bring.

Day 2

Well I didn’t go to the gym today which meant I could sleep in for an extra hour, waking up at 5:30pm. One thing though, I took the earlier bus today and ended up way to early to work. In a normal setting that wouldn’t be seen as a bad thing, but when you can’t even get into the building, that is when it is kind of a problem. I was happy though I didn’t have to wait too long and given that I had popped into walgreens for a second had filled up some of my time. Today was a pretty good day. I was busy all day, which is what I like, but for some reason my top boss decided to lay all this work on me within the last 30 min of work, which mean that I needed to take really great notes for tomorrow. I literally already stayed an hour fifteen over the 8hr work day, and really needed to take the bus home. At least this way I can start tomorrow with something to do.

Day 3

Today was a long day as usual. What did make this day different however is that I had to go to work without the ride from my dad, which means two buses and a subway. It wasn’t bad though because I actually didn’t have to leave as early and was able to watch one of my shows that morning given that I had still waken up early. What was nice about today however was that after work I was able to catch a ride with my boss since she herself lives in the same neighborhood as me. I also got to eat dinner out with my dad at a sushi restaurant which was really needed. It wasn’t so much the sushi that I needed, but to do something outside of work and being at home. I know it has only been the first week of work, but it feels like a lot more. I am also starting to realize I am not going to have a lot of time to myself to work on personal projects during the week.

Day 4

Today was just another day, I had a lot of things to work on which was nice to keep busy. I even got to leave the office during work for lunch given that I didn’t bring one with me today. I think its good to step out for a bit so that the hours don’t drag on for too long. I am also starting to have more trust in which I can send emails to our warehouses in India without being approved prior which feels great. I can’t wait till I create my own designs and just have a bigger role in the company.

Day 5

I have to say that  I was excited that it was Friday. It was not only a good week, but  it was along week. With having to wake up early for commuting and going to be dearly, I just needed some time that wasn’t surrounded around work. Today was a good day though, I was able to sit in on a design meeting and I felt very productive today.

I am really excited to see what happens with this job, to learn all that I can learn and to progress as a designer.


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