August Inspirations




So the Inspirations for this week are slim, but I think thats because I am just still inspired by what I have posted in the past months. As you may know from my last post, I received a new car from my parents. I am very gracious of them for doing this for me because I wasn’t expecting it all. I know want to be able to use this car to its full advantages, going on small trips, doing new things, allowing me to work the gym back into my daily schedule. I am really excited for all the adventures I will have with this car.

In regards to my wardrobe, I am slowly developing something that is what I really want, a clean almost uniform type of style. In a weird way I miss my uniform elementary/high school days. I never had to worry about what to wear and everything always went together. So I will be buying nicer pieces that will work within the wardrobe I want and have as well as things that will last.

If you didn’t see my July vlog, I showed my new short braids. I am loving how less stressful they are. I think its easier to exercise with and they dry much faster. I also like how 90’s they make me feel.


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