A Month In The Working World

So it has officially been a month of me working in the working world as an assistant designer. It has been quite crazy I will have to say, but I am loving it because it means that I am starting to save up money. In addition, It also means that I am learning more about what it means to be a designer and a business owner from my company. What I like about where I work is that they are quite small. In addition, I get to see two different sides of fashion, Fast Fashion and Contemporary Women’s wear. I definitely will have to say that I prefer the contemporary women’s. In addition, I am starting to learn how important it is to be on a schedule and organized. It can create chaos if a company is not.

Given this new change, I am starting to realize how much of my time is actually given up for work. I have pretty much no time to do much after or before work given that some days I am staying till 6 or later. In addition, I am starting to realize how draining work can be. This is not only a motivation for me to start working on my  own brand, but it also just makes me realize that if I did want to leave earlier from work, that does mean I am going to have to prioritize work in a way that will allow me to do that.

As I am starting to save up money, I am now looking at money in a different way. I am spending when I need to and not so much just because I can and want to. I think this is a great way to look at money because it allows me to save up for bigger purchases and payments such as vacations and an apartment.


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