New Year Resolution

Hello Everyone,

I have come back to you with my New Year Resolutions.  What I like to do is create vision boards rather than resolutions. By creating a vision board, I am always reminded of what my goals and dreams are for the year and I can remember to work on them everyday. Vision Board16

Here is the vision board that I have created for myself and I will break it down for you. Each image is either a goal  a vision that I see for myself. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I am going to complete all of these in this year, but at least I know what I am working for.


  1. Tattoo– I would really like to get 1-2 tattoos this year. I did have this on my vision board last year and had the full intention of getting one, but when I started to look at what my long term goals were, I realized that financially it wasn’t going to be a good idea.
  2. All natural hair– For the past year, I have been slowly transitioning to natural hair. I realized that I missed the volume that I could achieve and the more options I had with my natural hair when I was younger. So, for this year, I am planning on trying to get rid of all relaxed/damaged hair as well as creating some real shape to my hair.
  3. Finances– In regards to my finances, I do like to spend, but I would rather have cash in my accounts and feel stable for rainy days. This is why I would like to save more this year and create a goal of $6,000 to be in my accounts by the end of the year.
  4. Health/fitness– I will be doing a more extensive post about my fitness/health goals, but my most basic goals for this year is to be a better runner, running around 2-3 miles per session. In addition, I want to reduce my body fat down, toning up over all. Also I want to become a stronger person and be able to squat 100 lbs in a 10 rep set. Lastly, I would like to be able to do an un-assisted pull up by March.
  5. New York– This was and idea that I thought about a lot last year for a few months. I have always wanted to live in NYC and have never really accomplished this goal. So, I am going to be saving up and hopefully move  back to the Big Apple by the end of the summer.
  6. Move Out- Living with my parents has actually been great. But, as I have grown up and matured in the past few months, I realize that I need to make the next step into moving out on my own.  In doing this I become fully responsible for my finances and actions, and I take the full step into adulthood.
  7. Adele by Adele Jackson– So I have been working on my own brand/company. But I  haven’t spent as much effort as I could have this past year. So, I would like to get to the point with my brand that it is more of a part-time job, rather than a hobby. I would also like to start a transition to working for myself and freelancing for other companies on the side.

What are some of your goals/resolutions for 2016? Leave a comment below.


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