So This is Happening

It seems crazy how just two months ago I was talking about how I was going to move back to NY or moving out at the end of the year and here I am, signing onto a 12 month lease and staying in Los Angeles. Now some of you may be thinking…What is wrong with you? What changed? And I have asked myself these questions as well.

March is my birthday month, and I am coming up on my 23rd birthday. Now I don’t think 23 is a major year celebration, but I do start to think that it is more of an “Adult” year rather than a recent teenager year. And as I was reflecting on that, it made me realize, that yes I am getting older, but by living with my parents, I was starting to have actions that reflected more of when I was a teenager, rather than acting like I was an adult.

Now don’t get me wrong, I go to my full-time job, and pay for most of my bills, but those bills mainly included car insurance, phone, and other small bills. I don’t have any major bills. This is something the average adult would say is a good thing. But I was starting to rely on my parents for things. Like food, taking care of my dog for me, etc…

So I was pretty much offered a chance to look for an apartment with a friend and I decided to jump on the wagon. I think that this is a good thing I am not moving out on my own. I will have social interactions and the apartment that I chose is still close to home. In addition, it allows for me to have my own room for a lot less then a one bedroom apartment would be.

Therefore, as I sit in my childhood bedroom and realize that I have been using this place as a crutch to not fully become independent, I think that by taking the plans of NY off the list for a while and just learn how to live financially on my own first is the best decision I could make for myself at this point in my life. I am apart of that millennial age where we decide moving back home is the best decision, and I do think that it was, but I don’t we really think about how long should we stay beyond that before it just becomes a negative thing for rather than a helping aid.

I am excited for what this year of my life will be as not only a 23 year old. But also someone who is actually living on their own, going to work, taking care of their dog, and just trying to kick a** at life.


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