Why Wait…Start Now

Over the past couple of months, I have been a in a weird rut I have to say. For a 23 year old,  where I am in life is pretty good. I have a full-time salary paying job in the field that I went to college for (Fashion design), I moved out of my parents house, and I am financially independent. But what I think has been getting me down is that I am not at the place where I would like to be in life. Now I know that anything worth having in life takes a lot of hard work and sometimes time, but I think I have gotten to a point where I believe that I should stay put at the level I am in life.

But, reflecting on this idea, I realize that I don’t and shouldn’t think this way. I don’t believe that just because I am in my early 20s, I shouldn’t already be working at my goals in life seriously. Yes, there is definitely some soul searching, and trying to figure out how I want to achieve these goals, but my goals still exist.

Now what are these goals? I want to be my own boss. I want to have the financial freedom and schedule freedom that essentially I can do whatever I want everyday. If I decide I want to work hard for a whole week of my future business and not leave my house, I want to be able to make that decision. If I decide to go travel the world for a month there, and not worry about work, I want to have that option. I think that by working for someone else, I loose a lot of that freedom. If I don’t show up to work, I don’t get paid. I don’t want to be restricted like that.

This doesn’t mean that I just want to have an income from doing nothing all day. I can’t appreciate money in that way. I want to earn my own money and to be proud of the hard work that I have put in.  I want to know that what I get out of in life is for me, not for someone else’s dreams.  I also want to create an impact on this world however small or big that is, I would like to put my stamp on this life and say that I did what I set out to do.

There is no reason to wait to do this.Now, yes I can’t quit my job tomorrow and just do what I love. I am still restricted in that format. But setting out a detailed plan of where I want to see myself in a year or two, will definitely put me in the right direction. So I plan to work on my own fashion designs more, to work on my fitness journey more, be able to create an income outside of my full-time job, where I can then become financially supported by my dreams.

What are some of your goals in life? Where would you like to see your self in a year or two?


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