F I T N E S S | New Goals…Mixing it UP

As half the year has gone by since I have made my fitness goals for myself. I can’t say that I have reached them…but  I can definitely say I have re-evaluated what my goals are going to be for the rest of the year.

I have stopped doing Cross fit at the moment. It wasn’t because I didn’t enjoy it, but rather it was becoming out of my budget since I moved out on my own. I’m not that sad about it, only thing that I really miss is the push that I got from others through the team dynamic as well as being able to work on powerlifting and Olympic Lifting moves. I think that once I can afford it again, I most likely will get back into it as a sport to train for.

But for now, I have re-evaluated some of my goals as well as added some new ones.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 11.38.30 PM(From Here)

Squat- hit a 1 rep max of 150 lbs

You think I would be close to this by now. But, given that over the past couple of months, my fitness journey has taken some unexpected pauses, I have not been able to work on this goal as much as I would like to. I’m not worried though, I know this is something that I can accomplish within 5 months

Nicole fitness shoot, Santa Barbara, CA - © Kevin Steele, kevsteele.com

Nicole fitness shoot, Santa Barbara, CA – © Kevin Steele, kevsteele.com

Be able to complete 1 un-assisted pull up

I still would like to know that if I was in a situation where I need my upper body to save my life I could do it.

63eeecb3728e554ab4d318239616114e(From Here)

Be able to do 30 “Big Boy’ pushups with out pause

I probably should be able to do more by the end of the year if I work on this everyday, but I think 30 is a great number to start with. Leaving the “Girl” push-ups for the weak

ca9ab22b2d21c7208aa41622be826631(From Here)

Get a 10 min. mile

As much as strength is most important for me, I do think that having stamina and speed is very important, especially for the heart health.

9ea50164ad51bf4d246a5b6a075bdf80.jpg(From Here)

Gain a lot of my flexibility back

I use to be very flexible as a kid, think Cirque du soleil flexible. I know I can’t get that flexible again, but it would be nice to get closer to it

761ed84e318d728bf6d673ee821b457b(From Here)

Compete in a Spartan Sprint Race Potentially

I have thought about it for a bit. I think Obstacle courses are fun and I think that by working my fitness journey/fitness goals towards one race that will need all of it, I can really create some great strides.


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