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C A R E E R | It’s Already Been A Year

If you have been following this blog for a while, then you would know that last time this year, I had recently started my first job at my current place of employment. I would have to say this is a really big accomplishment for me. I have not only never worked for one company for this long, but this has also been a very growing up #adulting year for me. I learned what it really means for a company to rely on me as an individual in my field of choice, the 9-5 struggles, and a salary.

This is still a crazy concept for me. All of it, the salary, the 9-5 every day, and to have a job in the field I went to college for and to stay with them for so long. I am always learning something new that helps me as a designer, I am challenged, and I get to do what I love. I couldn’t ask for anything else. I am very excited to see where this next year will take me career wise and I will keep you updated.

F I T N E S S | New Goals…Mixing it UP

As half the year has gone by since I have made my fitness goals for myself. I can’t say that I have reached them…but  I can definitely say I have re-evaluated what my goals are going to be for the rest of the year.

I have stopped doing Cross fit at the moment. It wasn’t because I didn’t enjoy it, but rather it was becoming out of my budget since I moved out on my own. I’m not that sad about it, only thing that I really miss is the push that I got from others through the team dynamic as well as being able to work on powerlifting and Olympic Lifting moves. I think that once I can afford it again, I most likely will get back into it as a sport to train for.

But for now, I have re-evaluated some of my goals as well as added some new ones.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 11.38.30 PM(From Here)

Squat- hit a 1 rep max of 150 lbs

You think I would be close to this by now. But, given that over the past couple of months, my fitness journey has taken some unexpected pauses, I have not been able to work on this goal as much as I would like to. I’m not worried though, I know this is something that I can accomplish within 5 months

Nicole fitness shoot, Santa Barbara, CA - © Kevin Steele, kevsteele.com

Nicole fitness shoot, Santa Barbara, CA – © Kevin Steele, kevsteele.com

Be able to complete 1 un-assisted pull up

I still would like to know that if I was in a situation where I need my upper body to save my life I could do it.

63eeecb3728e554ab4d318239616114e(From Here)

Be able to do 30 “Big Boy’ pushups with out pause

I probably should be able to do more by the end of the year if I work on this everyday, but I think 30 is a great number to start with. Leaving the “Girl” push-ups for the weak

ca9ab22b2d21c7208aa41622be826631(From Here)

Get a 10 min. mile

As much as strength is most important for me, I do think that having stamina and speed is very important, especially for the heart health.

9ea50164ad51bf4d246a5b6a075bdf80.jpg(From Here)

Gain a lot of my flexibility back

I use to be very flexible as a kid, think Cirque du soleil flexible. I know I can’t get that flexible again, but it would be nice to get closer to it

761ed84e318d728bf6d673ee821b457b(From Here)

Compete in a Spartan Sprint Race Potentially

I have thought about it for a bit. I think Obstacle courses are fun and I think that by working my fitness journey/fitness goals towards one race that will need all of it, I can really create some great strides.

Am I Doing Too Much?

Now I have to say that I am the type of person who wants and tries to do it all until I eventually burn out and have to start up all over again. Now I know this isn’t the best approach to life, but keep on doing it. Before, when I was in school, I did that because I wanted to be the “Well Rounded Student”. This meant I took as many classes as I could all year long and did well, participated in as many sports that I had interest in, and tried to do things outside of school. This would include other sports teams,  art classes, and hanging out at youth groups. I guess you could say I had a sick sense of F.O.M.O (Fear of Missing Out).

With school behind me (for now), you would think that my time would have cleared up. WRONG!! I think I have become busier than ever. But I don’t think of this busy as a permanent thing. The reason I am busy now is because:

1.) I work a 9-5, sometimes 7pm  full-time job.

2.) I have a love to exercise

3.) I want to do blogging, youtube, and have my own Etsy store so that

4.) I can quit my day job.

So at the moment I have some F.O.M.O. but a different kind of fear. It’s now a fear that if I don’t kick my a** of now, I won’t achieve my dreams and goals later, which will leave me with the “What if?” questions later in life. So back to the initial question, “Am I doing too much?” Yes and No. Yes; because my time has become very slim especially since I will always make time for Friends and Family, but No; because I am doing the things I love to do and hope to do for the rest of my life.

What are some of the things that you try to squeeze into your hectic lives? Or have you already reached your goals and its just smooth sailing from now on?

T R A V E L Adventures | San Francisco day 2

Hey Everyone!

So here are some photos from my SECOND day in San Francisco visiting my Sister. For this day we actually had a late start. We mainly just got caught up on watching Sex & The City that time escaped us. But never the less, we still made it out to explore some amazing  San Francisco. We headed over to the de Young Museum and since it was not only Bank of America card holders day but also after 4:30, when the museum becomes free, we were able to see some free art and catch a beautiful view of the city. After we made it over to see the beach since my sister lives so close to it.

jambaView of this Mountain as I was walking to the Museum in SunsetSan Francsico AirealView of San Francisco from the Tower at de Young MuseumArt shadowsSculpture by Ruth Asawa

Museum SelfieIn front of this cool piece that was made of small tin foil pieces(forgot to get the name)

Wall of LightI think my FAVORITE piece I saw that day ( Wall of Light Horizon by Sean Scully)Ocean ParkOcean Park

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July Inspirations

I can’t believe half of the year is already over. Its been a year since I have officially moved back to Los Angeles, and it has been already 3 1/2 months since I have moved out on my own. I just took a 5hr road trip on my own to visit my sister in San Francisco, and here are some things that I will be I N S P I R E D by for this month.

from Pinterst 1

(Photo from Pinterset)

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 6.45.18 PM

(Photo from here)


Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 6.48.03 PM.png

(Photo from here)

T R A V E L Adventures | San Francisco Day 1

I spent the first weekend of July in San Francisco with my sister for her birthday. It was very nice to get out of Los Angeles a bit and explore some new areas. Every time I go up to San Francisco, I explore something new and fall in love with it even more. Here are some photos from my trip of Day 1


We started off the day heading over to Dolores Park. it was my first time there, and given that it was a beautiful sunny day, there were a lot of people trying to take in some Vitamin D. San Francisco Skyline

Doloris Park #1

Picnic @ Dolores Park
Doloris Park #2

My sister

We then headed over to The Mission District to check out some thrift stores and some cool street art. I don’t know if there is an official name for this alley way, but it was full of Street Art. (If anyone knows, please comment down below) Here are few of the  photos I  took.

Mural #1

Mural #2